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November 22, 2006


Kasey Jones

I have a 2003 Galant got it bran new and i noticed a few days ago that the paint on my roof is starting to oxidize its only 5 yrs old this should not be going on.


where do I go to get the paint job fixed on my mitsibishi?


I have experienced all of the same problems. What is incredibly frustrating is that I am still paying on the car and embarassed to even park it anywhere where it can be seen by anyone I know. I feel it is ridiculous that they will not stand by their product. I have even thought about chaining myself to the car outside of a mitsubishi dealership with a HUGE sign stating Do YOU STILL WANT TO BUY A MITSUBISHI???
All I want is a new paint job and customer service is useless. Everyone I have come into contact with passes the buck and I am beyond frustrated with the whole situation. Worst customer experience I have EVER encountered. Will never buy again and I loved my car so much before this happened.

Lori Nguyen

I live in Eureka, Mo and own a 2005 black spyder convertible and this summer I see the paint fading. So I guess I am out of luck? I own 4 eclipse and I love all of them,except for the current paint issue. Any suggestions at all would be great

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